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Vision of ACMT College of yoga and naturopathy

" We believe that practicing yoga regularly greatly enhances a person's physical, mental and spiritual health. This powerful course for human beings, which radiates through the surrounding family, community, and workforce in ways that positively influence everyone. ACMT College of yoga is a place where people come together and support one another in their goals toward a healthier lifestyle."

Mission of ACMT College of yoga and naturopathy

" ACMT College of yoga and naturopathy is a government approved organization that offers yoga 1 year diploma course , Yoga for Seniors, Kids Yoga and Yoga for Veterans, as well as workshops, series, immersions and yoga teacher training to those seeking a healthier lifestyle through the practice of yoga and other healing arts modalities. We are able to offer over 52 weekend classes. Our mission is to keep yoga and the healing arts accessible financially, mentally and emotionally for people from all walks of life, and our vision is to nurture a welcoming, engaging, friendly and diverse yoga and healing arts center, bringing everything together under one roof."